'Ceremonial Entrance'. Personal exploration in photoshop and digital art. 


Lost Pyramid is the creative studio of Joe Rufa: A Brooklyn based designer, animator, filmmaker and writer.

After a 12 year career in visual design, mainly consisting of web design, branding, illustration, marketing and project management, I've turned my attention towards filmmaking, motion graphics and animation. I've just completed work on my debut short film, Midnight Sweet, which I wrote (with the help of Gregory Clouatre), directed, produced and edited. 

During the year and a half it took me to make Midnight Sweet, I've acted as creative director and visual artist for the Seattle band, Pickwick. During their latest album cycle for "LoveJoys", I've created two music videos, album art, merch, social media content, a website and more.

I helped pitch and launch a new sponsored web series for the Boston-based event organizers and podcasters, She Geeks Out. Alongside videographer and editor, Malik Fakiri, I designed and animated their first two episodes featuring women in STEM. 

Starting 2018, I've joined M Booth's MADE team full-time as a Sr. Animator.

I'm still working on freelance and personal work on the weekends, so if you'd like to collaborate or are interested in learning more, please contact me.

— JR