Midnight Sweet

"A lonely man gets a taste of the future, but wants more than just a taste."

Short Film (15 min)—Comedy, Sci-Fi—Completed August 2017, coming soon.

Trailer (1:28 min)—

Midnight Sweet is Joe Rufa's directorial debut. Joe wrote the film with the help of leading man, Greg Clouatre, who also doubled as the Director of Photography during most of the filming. Talented friend, Malik Fakiri, and Joe were behind the camera.

It took a year and half from initial story concept and pre-production to final cut, working on client projects throughout production. 

Joe also edited the film and handled all of the VFX, motion graphics, production and set design as well as the marketing materials, much of which can be seen on this page. 

Gifted musicians, Joshua Rule and Barry Uhl contributed the stellar original score along with an original song by Joe.

It's currently 'In Consideration' for a number of national film festivals. Once all of the rejection letters come in, the full movie will be available online.

Until then, contact Joe to request access to a private online screener.


John, a computer programmer living in the near future, has been wallowing through life since his wife, Mel, left him to pursue her food media career in Dubai. He wakes up in the afternoon, orders the same Chinese delivery everyday and barely leaves the house. Today the wait for delivery is too long and John gets inspired to cook while listening to the latest episode of Mel’s podcast. At the supermarket he bumps into his old weed dealer, Toy Store, who lures John back to his place to check out his new business endeavor, MONOLIFE, a cutting edge food subscription service with a twist.

Poster design: Joe Rufa

Production Design—


Storyboards & film stills—



“Sweet Descent” Joshua Rule
“Midnight Suite” Barry Uhl
“Eating Around” Joshua Rule
“World Expo 2020” Joshua Rule & Joe Rufa
“Sweet Odyssey” Joshua Rule
“Future Taste” Joe Rufa



Rose Bergdoll
Charles Griffin
Edu Bayer
Kate Mccormack
Lisa Healy
Fairway Market
and the
Cast & Crew

Produced, Directed and Edited by
Joe Rufa

Written by
Joe Rufa with Gregory Clouatre

Filmed by
Malik Fakiri and Joe Rufa

Director of Photography
Gregory Clouatre

Art Direction, VFX, Animation
and Production Design by
Joe Rufa

Sound Design
Joe Rufa & Joshua Rule

Sound Mixing
Joe Rufa

Rose Bergdoll

Gregory Clouatre John Durrand
Trevor Simpkin Toy Store
Cait Bliss Mel St. Yves
Kate Maloy Shopping Neighbor
Galen Pack Bodega Girl 1
Rose Bergdoll Bodega Girl 2

Animated seagull prop by Joe Rufa