Pickwick "LoveJoys"

Pickwick brought Joe on as Creative Director in summer 2016 to start working on art direction for their metamorphic sophomore album, LoveJoys. Since then he's created two music videos, album packaging, single covers, marketing materials, merchandise, a website, promo videos, stage art, and social media content.

For the lead single, Turncoat, Joe directed photographer Edu Bayer and videographer Malik Fakiri during a late night shoot around Staten Island, then manipulated and animated over top of the footage to create the lyric video.

The art video for the second single, Ascension, utilizes some outtakes from the Turncoat shoot, as well as a myriad of original animations and manipulated found footage. 


Album Art—


Collected promotional videos for Summer Tour, Fall Tour, an Amazon exclusive single, and a limited edition Halloween cassette. Footage from the Tour and Amazon promos edited by Garrett Parker. Color grading, titles, cel animation and motion design by Joe Rufa.



Selected single covers, unused album art designs, video stills, posters, and merch all designed by Joe Rufa.

With every note on LoveJoys, Pickwick’s execution is formidable and fluid … as if the band were re-imagining Saturday Night Fever as made by Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd ... The band sounds urgent, casual, hopeful, regretful, and sexy all at once. Pitchfork